These United States

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These United States, Signed by Jake Rajs, Introduction by Walter Cronkite, Published by Rizzoli, Midsize Dimensions: 14.4 x 1.1 x 10.8 inches

This book is available signed and/or personalized by Jake Rajs. Please tell us your preference. If requesting signed, there could be a delay of up to three weeks, depending on Jake's schedule

Hailed by Entertainment Weekly as "the next best thing to a road trip," These United States is a celebration of the magnificence of the United States of America and a tribute to all that makes it great. Inspired by the deluxe limited edition, Rizzoli is proud to present These United States in a slightly smaller format. It showcases breathtaking panoramic photos from the East to the West Coasts; from the wilderness of the frontier to the cities; and from the earliest American historical landmarks to images of America post-9/11. These United States grandly exhibits the diverse elements comprising the heart and soul of America.

The photographer of two previous Rizzoli titles who has been published in Life, Esquire, National Geographic and many other magazines, Rajs here delivers a huge, 16" x 12" book that features 220 full-color photos, many of which are full-bleeds, and 10 of which are gatefolds. Aerial shots, pastorals, cityscapes-they're all here. As Cronkite notes, "Jake has woven a stunning tapestry of the many threads of America." (Oct. 15) Copyright 2003 .
Publishers Weekly

An exhilarating panorama…breathtaking photos by Jake Rajs with an introduction by Walter Cronkite…a stunning sweep of America from shining sea to…MUST see… The Today Show

‘”…the next best thing to a cross-country road trip.” Entertainment Weekly

“Jake Rajs celebrates America with over 200 images in this limited-edition volume.” Publishers Weekly

“Can any place be so beautiful? The United States that Jake Rajs presents in the 220 color photos in this lush, oversize, limited edition volume is a nation of breathtaking beauty.” Chicago Tribune

“The limited-edition book…is as impressive as the pictures. …Shows common links connecting a diverse country.” Travel and Leisure

“An extraordinary book of the most beautiful country in the world.” Good Morning America.

“When you turn to one of These United State’s double gatefolds, which measure 12x64 when unfurled, the detail makes your eyes water.” American Photographer