About Coastal California, 

  • "California’s coast is no hidden secret, of course, but Jake Rajs’ lavish book gives us a new appreciation of its hundreds of miles of grandeur. His 175 radiant photographs range from the wild, rocky shores of Mendocino to the sun-drenched beaches of San Diego."
    San Francisco Chronicle

    “Inspiring, transporting and just plain gorgeous coffee table book… Photographs capturing the stunning views and landscapes of the 840 miles of the California coast, from sandy summer beaches to rocky windswept cliffs."
    Los Angeles Times

"Acclaimed photographer Jake Rajs has created a compelling portrait of the Hamptons... Most Important, he has captured the light throughout the day, from misty dawn to the vivid colors of the sunset." Paul Goldberger

Picture books about the Hudson have been appearing since the the publication of Wade and Croomes’s “Panorama f the Hudson Valley” in 1846. But “the Hudson River” with 250 color photographs by Jake Rajs…. Is the most handsome of them all.” New York Times Dec 10,1995

Jake Rajs’s stunning book, Manhattan: An Island in covers, this isle—from Wall Street to Harlem and the Brooklyn to the George Washington Bridges—with dazzling photographs. New York Magazine Dec 2 , 1985

About These United States

“An exhilarating panorama…breathtaking photos by Jake Rajs with an introduction by Walter Cronkite…a stunning sweep of America from shining sea to…MUST see… The Today Show

‘”…the next best thing to a cross country road trip.” Entertainment Weekly

“Jake Rajs celebrates America with over 200 images in this limited-edition volume.” Publishers Weekly

“Can any place be so beautiful? The United States that Jake Rajs presents in the 220 color photos in this lush, oversize, limited edition volume is a nation of breathtaking beauty.” Chicago Tribune

“The limited-edition book…is as impressive as the pictures. …Shows common links connecting a diverse country.” Travel and Leisure

“An extraordinary book of the most beautiful country in the world.” Good Morning America.

“When you turn to one of These United State’s double gatefolds, which measure 12x64 when unfurled, the detail makes your eyes water.” American Photographer

In his book, These United States, Rajs has captured all the splendor, heroism and vastness of his adopted homeland.” Readers Digest

 Atlantic; Coastal Towns, Seashores and the Waterways of North America;, “a breathtaking collection:” A Breathtaking collection” Dans Paper

“Thus we desperately need the help of a photographer whose artistry has discovered the beauty of our history," Cronkite wrote in the introduction to Rajs' These United States. “Jake Rajs has found and glorified the profusion of landmarks that remind us of the American experience. Many of our citizens are privileged to see some of it. Few are privileged to see it all. None has so captured its magnificent totality as has Jake Rajs." Jake's “resolve and talent...turn an artist’s search for the beauty of nature into the almost religious fervor of a pilgrimage”