Atlantic: Coastal Towns, Seashores, and Waterways of North America

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Atlantic: Coastal Towns, Seashores, and Waterways of North America Introduction By Walter Cronkite (Rizzoli 2007) Dimensions: 15.2 x 2.7 x 19.2 inches

This book is available signed and/or personalized by Jake Rajs. Please tell us your preference. If requesting signed, there could be a delay of up to three weeks, depending on Jake's schedule.

This lavish, limited-edition volume showcases more than two hundred sumptuous color photographs in full spreads and gatefolds–some measuring over five feet in length–and each book is numbered and includes a numbered print signed by the artist. From the rocky edges of Penobscot Bay, to the cottage charm of Nantucket Island, to the tropical grandeur of Palm Beach’s majestic houses, award-winning photographer Jake Rajs captures the towns and fishing villages, the lighthouses and dunes, and the ocean in every season. Our Atlantic seaboard is home to some of the finest stretches of sand beaches and outer islands in the world. One of the most picturesque and varied parts of the continent, it is filled with natural diversity and includes a great range of historic towns and cities. Distant city views of the New York skyline and Miami’s art deco beach hotels contrast vividly with such famed destinations as Beaufort and Newport, as well as such small towns as Mantoloking, Bar Harbor, Cape May and Vero Beach.

 Review; Good morning America, picked ATLANTIC as the Christmas book gift for 2007

Atlantic; Coastal Towns, Seashores and the Waterways of North America; “a breathtaking collection:” A Breathtaking collection” Dans Paper

Introduction by Walter Cronkite

There's something captivating about an ocean's coast. As a lifelong boater, I've had the good fortune to sail up and down the Atlantic coast. Seeing Maine to Florida by boat is a glorious trip.

Jake's first book was a wonderful visual tribute to the United States; logic dictates his second book would explore in more detail one of the U.S.'s loveliest areas. Jake photographed northeastern beaches and southern beaches; lighthouses in different states; harbors, sailboats, and motorboats of varying size and grandeur; and the smallest of villages to the largest of cities, the identities of which are undeniably tied to this vast body of water. Many of the locations are immediately recognizable; some are not as readily identifiable. But all effectively capture characteristics unique to the Atlantic coast.

What's interesting in Jake's photographs is observing how the ocean and its coast vary from north to south: the craggy edges and dark crashing waves of Maine; the honeycombed waterways of the Delaware Bay Coastline; the shallow sandy areas and range of blue hues found in the Florida Keys. What's even more interesting is how the living areas are at once regionally so different somehow feel familiar. I think this is a testament to Jake's ability to see the dichotomy of differences and similarities in these areas along the coast.

Jake informed me my writings about my experiences sailing up and down the Atlantic coast were his inspiration for this project. I'm pleased to write that Jake's work allows me to visually return to many of the charming places I've had the privilege to visit over the years.