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  • Invitaion, Entrance with Two Chairs, Villa Maria , Water Mill, NY

  • Limited Edition Size:  90 + 5 Artist Proofs

    Image: 13”x19” or 15"x22 : Paper Size 18”x24” Edition of 36

    Image: 20”x30”: Paper Size 24”x36”  Edition of 18

    Image: 24"x36"; Paper Size: 32”x44”  Edition of 18

    Image: 32"48"; Paper Size: 36”x52”    Edition of 9

    Image: 40"x60"; Paper Size: 44”x64”  Edition of 9

    Open Edition: Image: 6"x9"or 8"x12" : Paper Size: 12”x16”  

    Print signed by the artist. 
Printed on premium archival paper and archival pigment ink.

    ( Prices increase as the edition sells out.)


  • Please contact us for custom sizes and framing quotes.
  • Designed to protect the integrity and genuineness of a Jake Rajs fine art photograph, the certificate of authenticity (COA) minimizes risk of forgery and duplication.

    Each limited edition work comes with its own certificate, embossed with the official Jake Rajs seal, as well as detailed information about the work such as the title and edition number.

    It is highly recommended that collectors carefully keep and store these certificates, preferably separate from the original work of art.